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Come explore Mumbai with us!

My Mumbai Colouring Book is an indoor treat for both kids and adults. ...

Look really closely, you will discover a happy kite, an inquisitive crow and a wandering dog on every page. Mumbai comes alive in every season and on every page of our Colouring Book. Come discover the city....

My Mumbai Colouring Book
This spectacular 26 page coloring book features some the most loved landmarks of Mumbai city. You can use pastels, wax colours, water colours, colour pencils and felt tipped pens. Now gaining popularity as a stress relieving activity for adults as well, My Mumbai Colouring Book is a treat for the whole family.

  • 26 colouring pages on 160gsm artist cartridge paper inside
  • 1, 3 panel gatefold centre spread scenery
  • 15 scenic drawings
  • Price Rs.400/- per book

For online purchases (search: My Mumbai Colouring Book) Or Contact at or call: +91 9821086016

With 26 page illustrated collection of black and white pictures and features some of Mumbai’s most iconic scenes.